Latte Art World Championship


If you are a coffee lover and an art lover, you may have found your new happy place – The Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open. This unique contest showcases head-to-head competing between many of the most artistic baristas from all over the country. Coffee, milk and skill combine to create amazing, fast and delicious works of art!

How It Works
The contest has sudden-death type format. Baristas are given just three minutes in which to make one free-poured drink (milk and espresso only, no other tools are allowed) for presentation. It is then rated against the other competitor by a panel of three judges. Whoever received the highest score moves on to a next round, eliminating the lower score.

Judging Criteria
Judging for the contest is based on five categories:

  • Aesthetic Beauty: Proper execution of a design’s potential as well as judge’s discernment and impression
  • Definition: Crispness of lines in a design and contrast of brown and white layers
  • Color Infusion: Many layers of brown distributed from center to the edges
  • Degree of Difficulty and Creativity: Attempt and successful execution of a creative pour with an original design that is clearly seen and recognized
    Speed: Whoever places their cup on the saucer first

Each judge compares the drink presented by each of the two baristas for that round and awards one point to the one with best presentation in each category. The one who receives the most points will win that round and move on. Prizes for the contest are: First Place: $2000, Second Place: $1000, Third Place: $500.

If you are interested in competing, there are three upcoming events that you can participate in:

Coffee Fest of Anaheim 2016, Application deadline: August 14, 2016
Coffee Fest of Nashville 2017, Application deadline: February 5, 2017
Coffee Fest of Chicago 2017, Application deadline: April 30, 2017

This fun and unique contest is an opportunity for baristas to show off their skills and gain recognition as well as prizes. Applications and more information can be found at