Latte art

Latte art is a method of coffee preparation that is created by pouring the milk which is steamed drawing in the top layer into a shot of espresso. This result into a design on the latte surface. Latte art can also be created by drawing in the top layer’s foam. It is so difficult in its consistent creation because of the conditions which are so demanding in requiring milk and espresso. The coffee is special and can be of surprise on your anniversary party for your guests.

Latte art developed in different countries through the introduction of espresso and development of microfojam, which is a combination of microform and crema that allow the pattern formation. It was developed initially in Italy. Latte art coffee was developed in in United States Of America at a place called Seattle in the year 1980 and 19990 and it was popularized by David Schomer.Schomer credited the microform development to Jacky Kelly in 1986.By the year 1989, the pattern of the heart was established.

The pattern that was inform of a rosette was developed in 1992,through the recreation a technique on photograph that Schome saw in Italy in café Mateki.Schomer then made the Latte art popular. After that, Schomer met Luigi on the internet where they exchanged their videos of the Latte art.

How to make the Latte art.

The Latte art making is a skill that is critical and can take many years in mastering it. But image the look on the face of your special lady when you serve her a cup of coffee with you art! It’s needless to be said that small and kind acts like this keep the fire and love in a relationship. So our make small gestures and never miss an anniversary – our latest tip will be this 4 year anniversary ideas that we believe you will love! Now back to our Latte – the following is the procedure of making it:

Pour enough milk that is cold for one cup into the steam pitcher. Place the pitcher into the freezer before using it.This will give you time for milk steaming that in turn decreases the chances of scalding the milk.Moreover,it makes it stiff and easy for handling. Use a liquid thermometer for a perfect foam formation. The thermometer will be helpful in being exact to remove the milk before it scalds. Avoid keeping the milk at the heat temperature for a long time.

Put the wand of the steam at the bottom of the pitcher. Raise the wand of the steam until it nears the milk top. As the milk rises, keep the wand steam at a 1 cm away from the milk top as you turn on the steam.

Allow the milk to reach 37 degrees Celsius and then place the wand of the steam on the pitcher’s side and deep it into the milk. Position the pitcher in a spinning counter clockwise.

Keep doing the motion until when the milk attains a heat of 65-68 degree celcius.Some steamers who are commercial heat the milk quickly that you will be forced to remove it from the steamer before it reaches its limit to prevent it from scalding.

Shut the steamer and remove the wand of the steam and the thermometer. Clean the wand of the steam with a cloth that is wet and allow the milk to settle and then swirl it.

Pull your espresso by using 7-8 grams of espresso that is ground for a shot of espresso.

Pour the shots into a mug of the coffee. Pour the milk and the art of the espresso and then create a flower [pattern and then embellish a design before use of stencils and milk foam.

This is a type of coffee that is the perfect for your guests’ enjoyment during your anniversary. You need to try it.